Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on two main goals:

  • Restore the function of the teeth
  • Maintain or restore the appearance of the teeth.

In some cases it's one or the other, and in some cases it’s both.

Restorative dentistry cover a large panel of procedures, including cavity fillings, root canals, even dental implants and other cosmetic procedures.

Dental Implants: this dental restoration procedure is recommended in the case of partial or total loss of teeth, or in the case of serious damage to the teeth. Dental implants replace lost teeth permanently.



Root Canal Treatment: a root canal procedure may be required when a cavity goes deep enough into the tooth that it exposes the soft pulp inside the tooth. In a root canal procedure, the dentist will clean out all of the soft pulp from inside the tooth and the root canal, rinse out the infection, and fill the inside of the tooth with composite material like what is used in a cavity filling.

Cavity Fillings: this is by far the most common restorative dental procedure. In a cavity filling procedure, the dentist will remove the damaged part of the tooth and fill the hole with composite material to prevent the bacteria from continuing to infect the tooth. the filling material is the same color as your tooth.


Dental Crowns: damaged tooth, be it severe decay or a crack or break in the tooth, can be reinforced or restored with a crown. In a crown placement procedure, the tooth must be trimmed before the crown is placed on it. The crown looks and functions just like natural tooth. Most recommended types of crowns are Zirconium crown and E-max Crown.

Dentures: this procedure is recommended in case the patient does not have enough healthy teeth and bones to function properly. Simply put, dentures are an option to replace lost teeth.



Bridge: a dental bridge is an artificial tooth that is suspended between two crowns. The bridge is held in place by crowns placed over the existing teeth on either side of the bridge, or by dental implants. 



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