There have been notable technological advancements in hair transplant surgeries, however, these advancements still need a very qualified surgeon to get the results one is looking for and paying for. Therefore, in today’s fast-growing, brand-driven, multi-billion-dollar hair transplant industry, people intending to have a hair transplant must do their due diligence to choose a qualified hair transplant surgeon. 









How to Choose a Hair Transplant Surgeon?

Before having hair restoration surgery, the person intending to have hair transplant must discuss all pros and cons of the procedure with a qualified hair transplant surgeon. It's important to find a surgeon who is qualified and experienced in carrying out this type of surgery. 

all in all, for a hair restoration procedure, one must be sure to know more about the following:

  1. Enquire about the surgeon’s qualifications and experience. 
  2. Enquire about how many hair transplant surgeries have been performed by the surgeon.
  3. Ensure that the doctor has a licence to practise and perform this type of surgery.
  4. Enquire about the follow-up one should expect if things go wrong.
  5. Ask the hair transplant doctor for a minimum of 10 sets of before-and-after photos or video testimonials of previous patients. Also ask for photos of donor area scars (both FUE and FUT) after hair-bearing tissue is removed for transplantation. 
  6. Enquire about what type of hair transplant is recommended for you and why?
  7. Ask the following questions if the hair transplant doctor recommended the follicular unit hair transplantation (FUT) technique:
  • Are the grafts microscopically dissected?
  • How many stereomicroscopes are used during a procedure?
  • Does the hair restoration physician use a single-bladed knife to excise the donor strip? (The answer must be "yes.")
  1. Ask if the following questions if the hair transplant doctor recommended the follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique:
  • How many FUE procedures has the surgeon performed?
  • Are the FUE grafts examined and refined under a microscope before implantation? 


This blog article is intended to help people know what to look for in a hair transplant surgeon. Before taking a big decision such as an ongoing surgery to get back the lost hair, one must be sure that he is choosing the right surgeon and the right clinic. 


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