Hair transplantation is considered a permanent and cosmetic solution for hair loss and baldness. Over the past decades, hair restoration has manifested in many forms and used many techniques to achieve great results.  Here is an overview on the most common and most popular hair transplant and hair restoration procedures.

  • Hairline hair transplant surgery

Hairline hair transplantHair line hair restoration is the most important type of hair transplant surgery that can be performed nowadays. The hairline result gained from hair transplant surgery defines the overall success or failure of the entire procedure even if additional areas are addressed. If the hairline is not aesthetically pleasing the entire procedure can be considered a failure even if the rest of the recipient areas show satisfactory results. While there are various types of hair transplant techniques, FUE technique is the most suitable for hairline restoration.

  • Crown Hair Transplants

Crown hair transplantDue to several reasons, the crown region of the scalp has, for many years, been considered the most “challenging” region for surgical intervention. In one hand, there is not enough hair that can be harvested over one or many surgeries to address the crown sufficiently. In the other hand, the angles and directions of hair growth vary widely in a relatively small area.

When a doctor understands how hair in the crown region flows from one central whorl then the overall crown hair transplant approach can be easier to perform. While there are various types of hair transplant techniques, FUE technique is the most suitable for crown hair restoration.

  • Facial Hair Transplants

Facial hair transplant. Beard transplant Facial hair transplantation became extremely popular in recent years. There are several types of facial hair transplant surgery available. Generally, DHI or FUE techniques can be used to achieve great results.

Among female patients, eyebrow hair transplant is the most popular. Whereases, beard, moustache, and sideburn hair transplant are the most popular among male patients, who seek either to thicken their existing facial hair or to construct a completely new beard, moustache, or sideburns from scratch.

The process for facial hair transplantation is simple. Hair follicles are taken from the donor scalp of the patient and transplanted to desired areas on the face. This procedure usually requires a mild sedative. Once the procedure is completed the patient can go back home.


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