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Transform your smile with our comprehensive dental care. From routine cleanings to cosmetic procedures, achieve a healthier, brighter smile that lights up every room.
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Restore your hair and confidence with our advanced hair transplant solutions. Reclaim a full head of hair and embrace a renewed sense of self-assurance.
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Take control of your health with our specialized weight loss surgeries. Our dedicated team offers comprehensive, personalized solutions that support your transformation toward a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle.
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Explore the possibilities of beauty enhancement with our range of cosmetic and plastic surgeries. Our experienced surgeons specialize in sculpting your features to achieve natural-looking, breathtaking results, tailored to your unique desires
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Discover the synergy of dental and aesthetic services. From smile makeovers to refining facial aesthetics, our integrated approach enhances your natural beauty, ensuring a confident, harmonious look inside and out.


Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is considered a permanent and cosmetic solution for hair loss and baldness. This procedure can help bringing back what looks like a full head of hair.


Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that aims to reshape the body contour by getting rid of the extra stubborn fat in some specific areas of the body such as the abdomen, the buttocks, the hips, the thighs, the arms, the breasts, the chin and the neck.


Rhinoplasty,"nose job" or "nose reshaping", is a cosmetic procedure that enhances facial harmony and the proportions of your nose. It can also correct impaired breathing caused by structural defects in the nose.

Bariatric Surgeries

Bariatric surgery decreases the size of the stomach, the absorption of foods in the intestinal tract or both, which helps in losing weight and enhancing lifestyle quality.

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry aim to restore the teeth and their functioning.

Dental Implants

Dental implant is a restoration procedure that can help gaining back confidence and oral health. Implants are synthetic structures that are surgically placed in the jawbone in order to restore a single or a number of missing teeth.

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ESTETIKWORLD is a leading name in the world of dental and cosmetic surgery in Istanbul, Turkey.

ESTETIKWORLD aims to provide people around the world with the best dental and cosmetic surgery services to help them change their lives for the better by enabling them to achieve their best appearance.

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After the treatments is done, our after-care customer service will stay in contact with you to follow-up with you and answer all your questions.


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A free of charge medical kit package will be provided to you for your post-treatment needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Should I get Liposuction before a Tummy tuck?
If you are of normal weight and have excess saggy skin in your lower abdomen and/or loose muscles, you may prefer to have abdominoplasty before liposuction (if necessary).
If you are overweight, liposuction first is wise, then tummy tuck can be done about 6 months later.
Liposuction makes your stomach flatter, with less fat around the midsection, while an abdominoplasty creates a more toned and firm abdomen. If you're looking to get rid of sagging skin and fat, while making your abdominal wall stronger, a tummy tuck is right for you.
تعمل تقنية UAL و Laser-Assisted-Lipo و SmartLipo على تسييل الدهون ، لذا فهي تعمل غالبًا على إزالة معظم الأنسجة. يزيل Tumescent-Lipo أيضًا الكثير من الدهون ولكنه ليس دقيقًا مثل الطرق الأخرى
In the first few days after your rhinoplasty procedure, you'll experience swelling, bruising and potentially some minor bleeding. Every patient's pain threshold varies, but most patients report fairly mild discomfort after surgery.
Average cost of rhinoplasty surgery in Istanbul, Turkey is 3500 USD, minimum cost is 2000 USD and maximum cost is 7200 USD.
In short, yes, a nose job is worth it, and some researches involved evaluators grading rhinoplasty patients attractiveness before and after surgery have confirmed it. Cosmetic and surgery experts agreed that aesthetic rhinoplasty leads to increased facial beautification.
Most silicone and saline implants can last for 10-20 years, but this does not mean that you have to get them replaced every 10-20 years. You can safely go beyond this time frame, and most patients only have to have 1 to 2 replacements in their lifetime.
Fat grafting is a way to increase breast volume without implants. Basically, it's a two-part procedure, and it's not as invasive as breast augmentation surgery. The first part of fat grafting involves liposuction.
Most surgeons say that your breasts don't need to be a certain size to be a candidate for breast reduction surgery. The more important factor is whether your breast size causes physical and/or mental health issues.
In general, women are usually able to enjoy their breast lift results for about 10–15 years, though some patients are able to go much longer before a revision is needed.
Body Sculpting provides long-term results that last anywhere from five to ten years.
With each treatment session, you can expect to lose between 20% and 80% of the fat cells that currently exist in a given treatment region.
The amount of weight you lose before body contouring is vital not only for safety but to enhance your aesthetic results. A BMI under 30 will decrease the risk of blood clots and wound healing issues.
In most cases, correction of gynecomastia is not eligible for insurance coverage. However, each insurance policy varies greatly. Carefully review your policy to determine coverage.
In some cases, bariatric surgery can cause long-term health issues and isn't worth the risk. Some of the top risk factors that may disqualify you from bariatric surgery include: Being over age 75 or under age 16. Having an alcohol or drug addiction.
Weight loss surgeries are generally safe. However, all surgeries carry bleeding and infection risks, as well as risks associated with general anesthesia.
Losing a lot of weight can result in more loose skin than simple lifestyle changes can handle. However, by using some methods at home and with a health professional, you'll be able to make some improvements to your skin quality and overall look. There is also Body contouring surgery that can help redefining the body shape and get rid of loos skin.
The final results of gynecomastia surgery are permanent in many cases. However, if gynecomastia resulted from the use of certain prescription medications, drugs (including steroids) or weight gain you must be fully free from these substances and remain at a stable weight in order to maintain your results.
Otoplasty is best performed on younger children whose ears have fully developed. This typically occurs around the age of five. While otoplasty can be performed on adults, most plastic surgeons recommend children undergo otoplasty while younger to minimize risk and allow for quicker healing.
Yes, otoplasty results are considered permanent. In rare cases, a minor revision is required years after the treatment is complete.
Healing usually takes a few days, after which the pain will stop completely. Treatment during this time can reduce pain and aims to prevent an eye infection developing.
Generally speaking, most LASIK eye surgeons agree on 25-40 as the ideal age range for LASIK eye surgery candidacy.
You're likely to be suitable for laser eye surgery if your glasses prescription is less than -10 (short-sighted), less than +6.00 (long-sighted) and less than 6.00 diopters (steps) of astigmatism. If your prescription is above these limits, laser eye surgery is best avoided.
There are some types of eye surgery in which general anesthesia, which keeps you unconscious during the entire procedure, is either necessary or an option. However, it is more likely that you will receive monitored sedation to relax you, with a complementary regional anesthesia to prevent you from feeling any pain. For some eye surgeries, like LASIK, the application of numbing eye drops is enough to keep you comfortable during the procedure.
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